Abu Zafar Mahmud at the International Mother Language Day event organized by Joy Bangladesh Inc. in New York

International Mother Language Day was celebrated by the social organization Joy Bangladesh Inc. Bangla CDPAP and Allegra Home Care, a home care service company based in New York, sponsored the colorful event at the local Gulshan Terrace on the call of the Mountain Battalion Commander of the Great Liberation War of Bangladesh, Abu Zafar Mahmud.

Abu Jafar Mahmud, a brave freedom fighter and mainstream politician of the United States, delivered the keynote speech on the program titled “International Mother Language Day, Bangladesh’s Achievement Day”. He said, we have moved away from the spirit of Bayanna. At that time our forefathers were students of Dhaka University. The students who went from the village to Dhaka city to study raised their heads and protested that day. When the Governor General of Pakistan protested, with his head held high, that pledge and determination to stand tall, it was not personal to anyone. It was for the dignity of the nation. We do not hold that status now. we have to There is no other option.

Abu Zafar Mahmud gratefully thanked New York City Mayor Eric Adams and all the city councils and said that they have recognized February 11 as International Mother Language Day. Similarly, they named 73 Street of Jackson Heights as Bangladesh Street, giving importance to the life expectancy of Bangladeshis. You will be happy to know that we are going to organize the great Independence Day program of Bangladesh at the residence of Mayor Eric Adams. The Honorable Mayor gave his approval and expressed his sincere solidarity. We are going to organize this event under the sponsorship of Bangla CDPAP and Allegra Home Care.

The event, which started at 7 pm on February 20, lasted until past twenty one. Various political, social, professional and cultural organizations placed wreaths on the portrait of Shaheed Minar on the event stage. Among them were Joy Bangladesh Inc., Bangladesh Medical Association USA New York Chapter, Shere Bangla Medical College Association USA Inc., Jatiya Party USA Branch, Friends Society Park Chasyaar, Saptahik Bangla Patrika, Bangla CDPAP and Allegra Home Care Inc. The event was conducted by journalist Aditya Shaheen.

In the event, the cover of ‘Jai Bangla, Jai Bangladesh’, a collection of essays by the heroic freedom fighter Abu Jafar Mahmud, published at the Amar Ekushey Book Fair was unveiled. The book is published by ‘Jai Bangladesh Prakashan’.

At the event, Panamanian cultural activist Johanna Gonzales performed the music of Latin American artist Carol Amar Ekush on saxophone.

The popular voice of Bengali music, Dhruvatara Sangeet Dal founder SI Tutul, performed the music on the occasion. He presented the continuous excellence of Bengali music from the fifties to the present for about two hours before and after the first hour of twenty one. Masud and his musical team assisted him in instrumental music. Tony Dyce gave a recital on the occasion. Dance performed by Priya Dyce Sangeet Academy. Kaniz Deepti, Alvan Chowdhury, Ritaja also performed music.

Abu Jafar Mahmud said in his main speech, we think that we have become more educated if we have a certificate from any university. Not really. When leaves are green, they can take in oxygen. Can draw energy from the sun. When the leaves turn other colors than green, become dry, they are no longer able to absorb oxygen. Our lack of consciousness and education has now reached that stage. We can no longer stand up for the state.

Today, New York City and across the state celebrate International Mother Language Day, honoring our nation. Now it is our responsibility. We have to set an example of how we will love New York City, be ahead of other nations. If you go a little deeper, you will know how America has worked for Bangladesh. How did the little country stand by? still have Sincerely yes. This sincerity has to be evaluated. We have to build the highest example of tradition and consciousness on the question of love.

Men and women from various walks of life living in New York participated in the event.