“Bangladesh ethnic family education with human service initiatives of the United States” ~ awarded with lifetime honors and senatorial awards.

Abu Zafar Mahmood, pioneer of home care services in New York, received the President’s Volunteer Award in recognition of his unique contribution to women’s empowerment and human services. In addition to the Presidential Gold Medal, he has received Lifetime Achievement Certificates and Senatorial Medals from the Office of the President of the United States and Americrops. On the occasion of International Women’s Day, she was given the medal and honor at a function organized by One Thousand Shades of Women International on Friday evening. In the event held in Manhattan, New York, President Joe Biden handed over a certificate and badge signed by the President of One Thousand Shades of Women International to Abu Zafar Mahmood, the Commander of the Mountain Battalion of the 1st Sector of the Great Liberation War of Bangladesh and the President and CEO of Bangla CDPap Services and Allegra Home Care. . he said Abu Zafar Mahmud has not only created an outstanding example for the Bangladeshi community in human service, but the people of different ethnic groups living in America are benefiting from his multi-faceted service activities. And generous and tested measures in human service are now contributing to the implementation of various measures of the US government.

The High Level Event was attended by the Minister of Women and Children Affairs of Ivory Coast, Naseneba Cheri Dian, important people from various countries in Africa and Asia, and the UN delegation including UNICEF. Other awardees include immigrant rights activist Adama Bah, customer care analyst Predence Paige, China’s renowned artist, composer and educator Karina Ho, Grenada’s ambassador to the US, Dr. Dennis G. Anthony, healthcare expert Sumaiya Abdul Latif, Pete Ragina, founder of Project Peace Lights, president and CEO of Khan Tutorials. Ivan Khan and others.

In the event, US Democrat politician Abu Zafar Mahmood, a personality of human service, chanted his slogan ‘Joy Bangladesh and Joy America’. With that, he expressed his best wishes to One Thousand Shades of Women International and said that this organization to honor those who are working all over the world for women’s empowerment and social progress is exemplary. He expressed his thanks and gratitude to the United States President Joe Biden and those concerned for expressing solidarity with this event. He said, one of the unique features of the United States government’s human services is home care services. The life and culture of Bangladesh is similar to the humanitarian generosity and magnanimity of the American government and the American nation. Especially at the Bangladeshi family level, service means love, Spiritual tension and deep compassion. Service is a matter of responsibility and deep fulfillment of life. We have been trying to integrate this service-based campaign of the United States with the family cultural humanity of Bangladesh. I started this program sixteen years ago. We have taken the first initiative to spread US government home care services among Bangladeshi Americans. Today parents, siblings and children of Bangladeshi American society are getting the idea of ​​human service. Connecting with human services. It is a great honor for me.

Reacting after receiving the award and recognition, Abu Jafar Mahmud reminded about the contribution and importance of mother in the life of every human being and said that there is no comparison with the deep relationship and combination of a mother with the birth and upbringing of a child. He said, every woman is a mother. Symbol of mother. Motherhood and compassion are equal in them. Nature has given them a tremendous power of service. I tried to use this specialty of women. To be established with their proper dignity. In this case, I have no differences and differences of caste and religion. So I want to dedicate the honor that Thousand Shades of Women has given me today to every woman involved in humanitarian service.