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Of all the humanitarian services that the US government has to offer for its people Home care Services is the best of them all.

There is something symptomatically common in both socio-cultural and natural practices of the United States of America and Bangladesh which is generosity and humane quality especially, the family values, love and affection, heart-felt felicitation for the fellow family members have been high and well practiced in all levels.

Service means responsibilities and deep understanding of life. The pivotal role the good soul has been involved into bridging between the endeavor of this humanitarian service of the US and the Family-centered humanitarian practices in Bangladesh is none other than Mr. Abu Zafar Mahmood. Sixteen years down the memory lane, Mr. Mahmood initiated to spread the US government’s Home Care Services, for the first time, to the Bangladeshi immigrant community in New York.

With his direct guidance and teachings many Bangladeshi fe/males entrepreneurs have mastered the necessary know how and dedicated themselves to endow with the service to its fellow community members.


A fearless, armed, veteran freedom fighter of Bangladesh’s Great Freedom Fight for independence Mr. Abu Zafar Mahmood runs his humanitarian service oriented organizations in the name of Bangla Home Care Service Inc. and Alegra Home Care Service Inc. These organizations are the face of humanitarian thread for Mr. Mahmood. As a legendary freedom fighter, a Democratic politician and a humanitarian American Mr. Mahmood believes, wherever humanity is indebted America is for that side which never cuts corner. In terms of America’ long journey of ensuring humanity and securing peace Mr. Mahmood intertwines himself with utmost sincerity. With this conscience he stood by the distressed people of Haiti by sending relief supplies from here when Haiti experienced devastating earthquake in August 15th, 2021 that took hundreds of lives and destroyed uncounted homes and properties.

For any disastrous catastrophe in Bangladesh Mr. Mahmood not only stands by the people of his own beloved motherland he also inspires other fellow Bangladeshi Americans to send help and support for the sake of humanity. Mr. Abu Zafar Mahmood is someone whose heart bleeds for human rights and is a symbol of all social goodness. His humanitarian acts is not just the acts for Bangladeshi American community but a blessing too, for the entire United States of America.



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