Organization is the specialty of Bangladeshis, characteristic difference from other ethnic groups

The mountain battalion commander of the great liberation war of Bangladesh, Abu Zafar Mahmud, president of Joy Bangladesh Inc., said that the difference of Bangladeshis from any ethnic group in the world is that they want to be united. They love to keep each other’s good and bad news and express their feelings in their own language. Abu Jafar Mahmud, the founder of Bangla CDPap Services and Allegra Home Care, the first entrepreneur of home care services in Bangladeshi society in New York, was speaking as the chief guest at the inauguration of the new committee of Narsingdi District Association USA Inc. at the Queen’s Palace in New York on Monday evening. Mahmudul Hasan NDC, Economic Minister of the Permanent Mission of Bangladesh appointed to the United Nations, was present as the guest of honor in the program under the chairmanship of Mohammad Anwar Hossain, the president of the new committee elected for the year 2023-24 of the association. Salman Zahid Jewell, President of Yoella Society New York Inc., spoke.

US Democrat politician Abu Zafar Mahmud said, “We are Bangladeshis, we are Americans in the same way.” We Bangladeshi Americans associate all the good qualities of our nation with all the good qualities of this country. As America is the world leader, we are part of the world leadership. We associate ourselves with the good and bad not only of our own people but of all the peoples of the world. I have dedicated myself. He highlighted the culture of family values ​​and cordiality of Bangladeshis and said that the mutual compassion and love between our men and women is not found in any other ethnic group. We made the country independent by the liberation war. Our freedom fighters have made the highest sacrifice for the country. There is no one else who cares for the country like them.

He said, Bangladeshis have formed many associations here. Many interpret the matter differently. But I see in it the development of our racial characteristics. Through this, Bangladeshis can convey the message of unity among other ethnic groups. He praised the activities of Narsingdi Samiti USA Inc., one of the largest organizations in diaspora, and said that this organization is playing a role in spreading the good qualities of Bangladesh among the new generation.

Abu Jafar Mahmood thanked and thanked the New York City Mayor and his council for naming the 73rd Street of Jackson Heights as Bangladesh Street and said, New York City has honored us. Now it is our responsibility to show respect to them. We need to maintain humane behavior and solidarity towards people of every ethnic group here.

Shah Mahbub and Shashi performed music in the event of Narsingdi District Association USA Inc.